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Applied Intelligence Semiconductor Pvt Ltd (AISemiCon)

Applied Intelligence Semiconductor Pvt Ltd (AISemiCon), is a hub for engineers worldwide to gather, grow, excel, and impact the semiconductor industry through our innovative products, driving data innovation. Our people are our priority, and we prioritize the link between individual aspirations and industry demands to provide exceptional products.

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"AISemiCon with its Indian enterprise, envisaged to thrive on a global scale“

Applied Intelligence Semiconductors Private Limited (AISemiCon), an “Innovative Product Enterprise” is founded by seasoned semiconductor professionals, envisioned to deliver cutting edge products for the globe.


"Accelerating the transformation of
technology universally."


"Revolutionizing the future of Data-driven Innovation."

Why Us?

Supercharge your data processing capabilities with our state-of-the-art, energy-efficient products. Seamlessly unleash the immense power of your growing data needs while optimizing efficiency to the maximum level.

Our versatile products are designed to effortlessly accommodate the ever-evolving data processing needs of diverse industries.

Furthermore , we pride ourselves on our unyielding commitment to customer service, providing you with unwavering support and responsive assistance whenever you require it.


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Meet our Warriors

Mahendra Karanam

Chairman & Managing Director

Venkata Ranga Reddy

Co-Founder & EVP Engineering

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Digital Marketing
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